Nashik Duathlon :

Nashik Duathlon, 21st Oct 2018, Sunday as on 21 Oct 2018 06:00 am

Starting Point:- NA

Olympic Member Fee: Rs. 600/-

Olympic Non Member Fee: Rs. 700/-

Medal Fee: Rs. 0/-

Registration Starts On : 08 Oct 2018 at 05:00 PM

Registration Closes On : 18 Oct 2018 at 10:00 PM




Ride Rules

Cycling Rules
1. Wear a standardized helmet and it should be tightened all the time while the
participant is on the bike.
2. A placard on cycle with bib number is compulsory during the ride.
3. Rack your bike in the designated area as per event category of the competition.
4. Your bike must be on a bike rack. Please do not use more than the allotted space.
5. Blocking other athletes, riding with a bare torso, progressing without the bike and
sitting on your bike before the timing mat or in the restricted area will cause
6. Drafting any motorised vehicles or fellow cyclist is strictly prohibited. A minimum
distance of 5 feet in front and back & 2 feet on the sides is ideal.
7. You can't change the bike during the race.
8. No assistance will be provided in case of breakdown.
Running Rules
1. Athletes should wear the official race number (Bib no.)
2. Athletes cannot run with a bare torso, barefoot or with a bike helmet on.
3. Athletes cannot use posts, trees or other fixed elements to assist manoeuvring
4. Athletes cannot be accompanied by team members, team managers or other
pacemakers on the course.
5. Do not deviate the route until directed by officials with appropriate signage.
6. Record your running time properly, pass over the timing mats both at start/end and
half way point. (Mandatory for all Runners)
Race Results
1. All results can be viewed on a web page.
2. All the finishers will be awarded finisher medals upon completion.
3. Finishers will get E-certificates.
4. Athletes will be notified of the results via SMS on finishing.

Full Ride Description

Description: Sprint Duathlon

The participants start with Run (3 km) followed by Cycle (22 Km) and end with Run (2 km). Age: 14+ years.

Every participant gets T-shirt, Medal, Certificate, Hydration, Breakfast, RFID Time Chip BIB included.

All the participants would be going on the road without traffic blocked. Parent consent for the same is required for the participants below 18 yrs.

Terms and Conditions 

1. Please choose the event carefully, confirmed registrations are non-refundable, nontransferable and cannot be modified. Provide us with a secure email address that you can access regularly, as this will be our primary means of contacting you during the run-up to the event.

 2. Users of email services that offer filtering/blocking of messages from unknown email address should add to their address list.

3. Any notice sent to the email address registered with the organizers shall be deemed as received by the participants.

4. Please fill out the fields accurately.

5. You agree that a Duathlon is an extreme sport and can be injurious to body and health. By registering, you take full responsibility for your participation in the Nashik Duathlon 2018 and do not hold the organizing committee of Nashik Duathlon, Team E3 or other organizing persons or entities responsible for any injury or accident.

6. You also assume all risks associated with participating in this event including, but not limited to, falls, cramps, fatigue, dehydration, complications arising out of pre-existing medical conditions, accidents, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat or humidity, traffic and the condition of the road, arson or terrorist threats and all other risks associated with a public event. 

7. You agree that Nashik Duathlon Organizing Committee, Team E3 and associated companies or entities that organize the Event shall not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury that might occur as a result of your participation in the Event.

8. You agree to abide by the instructions provided by the organizers from time to time in the best interests of your health and event safety.

9. You also agree to stop the activity if instructed by the Race Director or the medical staff or by the aid station volunteers. You confirm that you have furnished details of your medical condition as requested, in order to assist them in case of an emergency. 

10. You confirm that your name and media recordings were taken during your participation may be used to publicize the Event

11. You acknowledge and agree that your personal information can be stored and used by Nashik Duathlon Organizing Committee or Team E3 or any other company in connection with the organization, promotion, and administration of the Event and for the compilation of statistical information.

12. You confirm that, in the event of adverse weather conditions, major incidents or threats on the day, the organizers reserve the right to stop/ cancel/ postpone the Event. You understand that confirmed registrations and merchandise orders are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be modified. The organizers reserve the right to reject any application without providing reasons.

13. The organizer reserves the right to cancel your registration if eligibility criteria is not met.

14. Any amount collected from rejected applications alone will be refunded in full (excluding bank charges wherever applicable).

15. However, Nashik Duathlon will not refund the person’s entry fees, if the participant has misrepresented their eligibility to participate in the event at the time of entry.

16. The organizers will contact the participants by email and/ or SMS. Any notice sent to the email address or contact number registered with the Organizers shall be deemed as received by the participants. All the events will conclude by 9:30 a.m. on Oct 21, 2018.

17. Participants will not be allowed to stay on the course beyond the cut-off time considering the safety and health issues. We request total co-operation from participants in this regard.

Full Ride Route Instructions

Dear Participants,
Please be advised that any failure in compliance with rules and regulations can cause
potential disqualification from the competition. We strongly recommend you to go
through this document and contact us at if you have any query.
General instructions
1. It is athlete’s sole responsibility to be aware of the route and the sporting facility. No
objections on these topics will be entertained during or after the event. Athletes who
are subject to danger to other rider’s safety will be immediately disqualified. The
roads are partially open to traffic and all the state-regulated rules and regulations
apply for the same.
2. In an emergency, you should raise an arm overhead and call for assistance. After
being attended by an official, you shall retire from the competition.
3. No external support (including private vehicles) is allowed while you are competing.
You can seek outside assistance once you drop out of the competition. Inform the
officials upon dropping and do not cross the finish line.
4. Carrying prohibited items will cause immediate disqualification from the competition.
Read the following list of prohibited items carefully:
• Any kind of sharp object that could be a subject of danger to athlete himself or other
athletes (including glass containers).
• Any object that is a potential threat to fellow athletes or public (for instance- arms and
ammunition, pets, jewelry etc.)
• Consumption of illicit drug, performance enhancement drug, tobacco, alcohol, and
smoking during the competition is strictly prohibited and will cause immediate
disqualification with a penalty of INR 10,000.
Finish Definition
1. The moment you cross the finisher gate/mat/sensors, you will finish the race.
2. A tie for any podium finish position will be judged by the moment any part of the torso
crosses a vertical line extending from the leading edge of the finish line.
3. The judge’s or official’s decision is final and is equally valid to all the participants.
4. Cut-off times will be in effect throughout the competition.

Fellow Riders

# E3 Id Member Name Type Result
1 5 Milind Pimprikar Olympic DNS
2 6 Rajendra Nehete Olympic DNS
3 16 Nitin J Wankhede Olympic DNS
4 23 Dr Aba Sheshrao Patil Olympic DNS
5 31 Dattatray Madhav Chakor Olympic DNS
6 32 Meet Sumit Deore Olympic DNS
7 42 Kailash Vinayak Patil Olympic DNS
8 74 Sanjay Ramesh Pawar Olympic DNS
9 77 Chandrakant Naik Olympic DNS
10 87 Sanjay Nanak Chawla Olympic DNS
11 93 Dinkar Dhruwalal Patil Olympic DNS
12 102 Dipak Gulabrao Suryawanshi Olympic DNS
13 103 Nilesh Vardhaman Thole Olympic DNS
14 106 Kishor Atmaram Ghumare Olympic DNS
15 113 Rakesh Babanrao Adke Olympic DNS
16 116 Ramesh Vyankatrao Dhotre Olympic DNS
17 119 Ratnakar Magan Shejwal Olympic DNS
18 128 Swapnil Kishor Bhuyar Olympic DNS
19 160 Suchitra Arun Palve Olympic DNS
20 165 Shivaji Namdev Handge Olympic DNS
21 181 Sudam Kacharu Sangale Olympic DNS
22 196 Garbi Kailash Kedia Olympic DNS
23 204 Madhukar Kad Olympic DNS
24 210 Rahul Khandu Jadhav Olympic DNS
25 212 Nandu Rambhau Ugale Olympic DNS
26 227 Nisarg Prashant Bhamare Olympic DNS
27 237 Himanshu Deepak Thuse Olympic DNS
28 251 Manik Sitaram Nikam Olympic DNS
29 253 Dr. Sapana Nitin Nere Olympic DNS
30 264 Bharat Eknath Sonawane Olympic DNS
31 267 Sanjay Yadavrao Shelke Olympic DNS
32 289 Mayank Madhukar Kad Olympic DNS
33 301 Vidhit Nitin Chordiya Olympic DNS
34 303 Mohansingh Shivsingh Rajput Olympic DNS
35 309 Parag Balasaheb Musmade Olympic DNS
36 312 Mohinder Singh Bharaj Olympic DNS
37 313 Shalaka Prasad Patki Olympic DNS
38 339 Prashant Vijay Mohite Olympic DNS
39 352 Anuja Umesh Ugle Olympic DNS
40 354 Anuj Umesh Ugle Olympic DNS
41 365 Abhijeet Prithviraj More Olympic DNS
42 366 Avinash Jaywant Pathare Olympic DNS
43 368 Sanket Sandip Bhanose Olympic DNS
44 369 Shailaja Jainendrakumar Jain Olympic DNS
45 376 Mahesh Arvind Jamdade Olympic DNS
46 377 Anil Laxman Varade Olympic DNS
47 380 Manas Verma Olympic DNS
48 381 Anish Anandan Olympic DNS
49 382 K A Anandan Olympic DNS
50 383 Tushar Umakant Khirpurikar Olympic DNS
51 384 Manish Madhukar Ravan Olympic DNS
52 385 Vijay Shimpi Olympic DNS
53 386 Manoj Kulkarni Olympic DNS
54 388 Prasad Arvind Patki Olympic DNS
55 389 Sai Vaibhav Shete Olympic DNS
56 391 Pradeep Sudhakar Kharade Olympic DNS
57 395 Arnav Mohan Tolahuanse Olympic DNS
58 396 Gopal Mahadev Mali Olympic DNS
59 398 Trilokinath Agrawal Olympic DNS
60 399 Devika Patil Olympic DNS
61 402 Uttam Bapu Pawar Olympic DNS
62 403 Aditya Shankar Bedade Olympic DNS
63 404 Ashwini Gokul Deore Olympic DNS
64 405 Sagar Dilip Vitthalkar Olympic DNS
65 406 Nandkumar Deshmukh Olympic DNS
66 407 Dr. Shweta Samir Bhide Olympic DNS
67 408 Sunil Madhukar Tejale Olympic DNS
68 409 Samadhan Sanjay Dokfode Olympic DNS
69 410 Mayur Jha Olympic DNS
70 411 Santanu Das Olympic DNS
71 412 Saurabh Arora Olympic DNS
72 414 Nalini Madhukar Kad Olympic DNS
73 415 Rahiman C. Hakim Olympic DNS
74 416 Prof. Manisha Bhamre Olympic DNS
75 417 Mansi Sunil Tejale Olympic DNS
76 418 Sahil Sunil Tejale Olympic DNS
77 419 Dhruv Singh Malik Olympic DNS
78 420 Jaswinder Kaur Sandhu Olympic DNS
79 421 Ca Vishal Wani Olympic DNS
80 422 Rohit Jaywant Sonawane Olympic DNS
81 423 Amrish Arun Sangle Olympic DNS
82 424 K Mahesh Reddy Olympic DNS
83 425 Dr. Rahul Raghav Ghatwal Olympic DNS
84 427 Satish Purushottam Anwekar Olympic DNS
85 430 Dnyaneshwar Somanath Dahore Olympic DNS
86 431 Kailas Bhimaji Bodke Olympic DNS
87 432 Ashok Ramkrishna Nanir Olympic DNS
88 433 Bhaskar Ratnakar Sonawane Olympic DNS
89 434 Atul Eknath Baviskar Olympic DNS
90 438 Mool Chand Gupta Olympic DNS
91 441 Akash Devidas Jadhav Olympic DNS
92 442 Chetan Karbhari Dhatrak Olympic DNS
93 443 Amol Kishor Bagul Olympic DNS
94 444 Manohar Kachshwar Dabhade Olympic DNS
95 445 Keshav Mahadev Mali Olympic DNS
96 446 Deepak Chintaman Shewale Olympic DNS
97 447 Kishore Ravindra Shirsath Olympic DNS
98 448 Sakshi Sunil Tejale Olympic DNS
99 449 Reshma Mahendra Satpute Olympic DNS
100 450 Pavan Bhagvat Bhoye Olympic DNS
101 451 Pundalik Dhavalu Mahale Olympic DNS
102 452 Tushar M Patil Olympic DNS
103 453 Jagdish Dhondiram Gaikwad Olympic DNS
104 454 Narayan Wamanrao Bangar Olympic DNS
105 455 Umesh Suresh Gaikwad Olympic DNS
106 456 Aman Nasir Patel Olympic DNS
107 457 Devdas S. Gaikwad Olympic DNS
108 458 Gaurav Kadlag Olympic DNS
109 459 Dhiraj Patil Olympic DNS
110 460 Nayana Agarkar Olympic DNS
111 461 Yogesh Shantilal Sakhla Olympic DNS
112 462 Bijendra Malik Olympic DNS
113 464 Darshan Dubey Olympic DNS
114 465 Narendra Ramdas Kanade Olympic DNS
115 466 Dr Suhas Dropad Ghuge Olympic DNS
116 467 Shrikant Upase Olympic DNS
117 468 Shekhar Kinage Olympic DNS

FIT= Finish In time, LF= Late Finished, DNS= Did Not Start, DNF= Did not finish,