Centurion :

8th Century- 3D ride (Diwali Dubere Dhamaka) - 4th Nov 2018 as on 04 Nov 2018 06:00 am

Starting Point:- Firefox Luthra Agencies, Gangapur road.

Full Ride Member Fee: Rs. 300/-

Half Ride Member Fee: Rs. 200/-

Full Ride Non Member Fee: Rs. 400/-

Half Ride Non Member Fee: Rs. 300/-

Medal Fee: Rs. 250/-

Registration Starts On : 25 Oct 2018 at 09:00 AM

Registration Closes On : 04 Nov 2018 at 06:00 PM




Ride Rules

1. Cycle tag and Helmet is compulsory.
2.  It is a Self-support endurance ride, no maintenance, breakdown help, cycle repair, a spare cycle will be arranged by the organizers. 
3. Need to sign a waiver form before ride start.
4. Without above 3 points rider will not be allowed to ride.
5. Parallel riding is not allowed.
6. Do not use phone while riding.
7. Follow traffic rules.
8. The cut off times and other details are as per the age groups, follow http://teame3.in/rules
9. Attendance at all the check points are compulsory.
10. Pre-ride briefing session at Firefox, Friday, 02/11/2018, 6:30 pm.
11. Routes are clearly mentioned on the website, understand the route before the ride, no complaints will be entertained on the ride day. 

Full Ride Description

8th Century- 4th Nov 2018 - 3D ride (Diwali Dubere Dhamaka) Sunday - 06:00 AM

Start Point: Firefox Luthra Agencies, Old Gangapur Naka, Nasik
(Report time: 5:15 AM) 
(Attendance / Waiver Sign / Chikki / Warm up)

1st Hydration Point: Hotel RadheShyam, Before Sinnar ghat.
(Attendance + Hydration + Mini ride midpoint)

2nd Hydration: After Dubere, Sinnar-Thangaon road(T Junction Thangaon/Hivare).  
(Attendance + Hydration + Full ride midpoint)

3rd Hydration Point: Hotel RadheShyam, after Sinnar ghat towards Nashik.

Endpoint: Dr. Pimprikar Hospital, Govind Nagar, Nashik
(Attendance/ Hydration / Medals / Certificates / Stretching)

Cut Offs:
Full ride: 100 KM
Start time 06:00 AM
1. For riders with age 15 to 21 years
      Ride Duration: 4:46 Hr/Min
      End Time: 10:46 AM
      Distance: 100 km
      Average: 21 km/Hr        
2. For riders with age 21 to 50 years
       Ride Duration: 5:34 Hr/Min
       End time: 11:34 AM
       Distance: 100 km 
       Average: 18 km/Hr        
3. For riders with age 50 plus years
      Ride duration: 6:15 Hr/Min
      End time: 12:15 PM
      Distance: 100 km 
      Average: 16 km/Hr        

Blaze riders: 
The fastest riders (1 Male/1 female) from each age category will be titled as BLAZE RIDER.

Can be purchased at the end if you Finish in time.

For all the participants.

Note: No medals to the rider who quits, does not finish or is absent for the ride.

Full Ride Route Instructions

Full ride route link: goo.gl/i9xt5c

Start Point: Firefox Luthra Agencies -> Mumbai naka -> Indira nagar Jogging track - Nashik road -> Shinde -> Hotel Radheshyam 

1st Hydration Point: Hotel RadheShyam, Before Sinnar Ghat.
(Attendance + Hydration + Mini ride midpoint)
Hotel Radheshyam -> Sinnar bypass -> Sinnar Thangaon road after second flyover -> Dubere -> T Junction Thangaon/Hivare.

2nd Hydration: T Junction Thangaon/Hivare(Sinnar Thangaon road)
(Attendance + Hydration + Full ride midpoint)
T Junction Thangaon/Hivare(Sinnar Thangaon road)->Dubere->Sinnar Bypass -> Opp. Hotel Radheshyam, after Sinnar Ghat. 

3rd Hydration Point: Opp. Hotel Radheshyam, After Sinnar Ghat. 
Opp. Hotel Radheshyam->Shinde->Nashikroad->Indira Nagar Jogging track -> Dr.Pimprikar Hospital

Endpoint: Dr. Pimprikar Hospital, Govind Nagar, Nasik
(Attendance/ Hydration / Medals / Certificates / Stretching)

Half Ride Description

Mini ride: 52 km
Ride duration: 3 HRs
End Time: 9:00 AM
Mini ride map - goo.gl/QLisGc

Start Point: Firefox Luthra Agencies
(Attendance/Waiver sign + Chikki + Warmup exercise)
Start Point: Firefox Luthra Agencies -> Mumbai naka -> Indira nagar Jogging track - Nashik road -> Shinde -> Hotel Radheshyam 

Midpoint Point: Hotel Radheshyam, before Sinnar Ghat. 
(Hydration + Attendance)
Opp. Hotel Radheshyam->Shinde->Nashikroad->Indira Nagar Jogging track -> Dr.Pimprikar Hospital

End point: Dr. Pimprikar hospital, Govind Nagar, Nasik

Note: No medals and blaze rider titles for the Mini ride.

Fellow Riders

# E3 Id Member Name Type Result
1 23 Dr Aba Sheshrao Patil Full FIT
2 42 Kailash Vinayak Patil Full FIT
3 65 Nitin Shivajirao Deshmukh Full FIT
4 74 Sanjay Ramesh Pawar Full FIT
5 77 Chandrakant Naik Full FIT
6 98 Sameer Bhaskar Marathe Full FIT
7 124 Ratna Sham Ashtekar Full FIT
8 138 Pratibha Ghanshyam Chaudhari Full FIT
9 180 Viratvijay(viru) Ramdas Khairnar Full FIT
10 234 Chandrabhan Ananda Palve Full FIT
11 237 Himanshu Deepak Thuse Full FIT
12 251 Manik Sitaram Nikam Full FIT
13 264 Bharat Eknath Sonawane Full DNS
14 265 Atul Gangadhar Dugdhe Full FIT
15 273 Deepak Bhosale Full DNS
16 289 Mayank Madhukar Kad Full DNF
17 308 Gurbhaij Singh Full FIT
18 309 Parag Balasaheb Musmade Full DNS
19 333 Ramdas Murlidhar Sonawane Full FIT
20 339 Prashant Vijay Mohite Half DNS
21 343 Satyajit Ramhari Datir Full FIT
22 364 Ketan Prakash Ahir Full LF
23 365 Abhijeet Prithviraj More Full FIT
24 366 Avinash Jaywant Pathare Full LF
25 373 Deepak Ramchandra Wagh Full LF
26 376 Mahesh Arvind Jamdade Full FIT
27 377 Anil Laxman Varade Full FIT
28 381 Anish Anandan Half FIT
29 382 K A Anandan Half FIT
30 383 Tushar Umakant Khirpurikar Half FIT
31 392 Pankaj Pandharinath Kale Full FIT
32 398 Trilokinath Agrawal Half FIT
33 442 Chetan Karbhari Dhatrak Full FIT
34 446 Deepak Chintaman Shewale Full FIT
35 468 Shekhar Kinage Full FIT
36 471 Vishakha V Shah Full LF

FIT= Finish In time, LF= Late Finished, DNS= Did Not Start, DNF= Did not finish,